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Would you like to know where the idea of creating a dating site came from and how it all began? Do you wonder how and why I became a matchmaker? It all started with a meeting at Christmas time...

We met on Christmas Eve in one of the hotels in Cyprus. It was an unexpected meeting... I was standing on the threshold of the restaurant, all in my thoughts and feelings about how I would like to spend these holidays and celebrate the New Year.

He appeared out of nowhere. I did not even notice how he came up to me and started a conversation.

I didn't want to talk to anyone and didn't answer his questions. But the Man turned out to be persistent, waiting for me to go outside to continue the conversation.

The following day we had our first date, and so began our love story.

From that moment on, we never parted for a day.

 Even when I came back home, he was with me for days on the phone, and then he came a month later and offered me to get married and create a joint project that would help many single men and women find their soulmate, where we could become an example for others.

 This is how our joint project was born out of our love - a site for creating a family.

  This idea grew into passion, into my inspiration, into a breath of new air, into an unexpected joy. I was happy to realize that I could finally practice the organizational skills and knowledge that I possessed and discover my entire professional and creative potential to realize my mission and make dreams come true.

This is how the International Family Creating Agency was born.

 NOT just a dating site, but we have unique author's training programs and courses for men and women on various topics.

Our service is unique because we are focused on the needs and desires of each client. Since we are convinced that each person has a unique individual story. We invite you to a community where there is a place for acquaintance and communication and for creating new high-quality connections for personal development.

On our platform, we bring together men and women who support family values and are committed to a serious relationship, not just flirting.

We conduct professional language courses for women, courses for creating happy relationships and development, psychological games, training, seminars, and masterclasses.

And for men, there is a range of other services.

Offline and online events are planned for all participants in Ukraine and abroad to get to know each other and understand each other better.

My consulting career in business and life coaching began 18 years ago. Over time, I graduated from the American International Academy of Professional Coaching, becoming a life coach. Then I became an International Certified Sex Therapist and Sexologist, an FIA Ambassador, and a career and vocation coach. I am constantly learning, and I take various training and courses, improving my qualifications and skills.

Since 2014, I have been a director and professional organizer of events: festivals, conferences, holidays, parties, retreats, courses for adults and children in Ukraine and Cyprus. For eight years, working with different women and men in various areas of life, I've often heard a question: "How can I get married? Where can I find a husband? How can I understand that this woman will not break up with me? How can I be sure that this woman will stay with me in different situations, and  I can trust her?" Questions from men and women who are tired of disappointment in relationships, betrayals, and falls, want to have a happy relationship, and have no fear of losing a partner. Thus, I began intensively studying the topic of relationships. Year by year, gaining knowledge from different teachers, I confirmed the results of my work - changes in the lives of my clients made them happier. The uniqueness of my work with clients is that I have a highly developed degree of empathy; I feel the client's state, his fears, anxieties that he can not say very often. Years of experience working with women and men help me ask the right questions, which help clearly define where we are now and where we want to go. This is one of the most critical things in a relationship. It is not easy to find the right person, but it is vital to have shared values, views, goals, interests that will unite you and bring you even closer. Make your relationship more beautiful every day, and you become happier! We have everything to make your dreams come true!

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